About Us

Afficionado was born in a backyard in New Jersey in 2010, with two friends, a passion for coffee, and a makeshift roaster whittled from an old barbecue. We’ve left the backyard and barbecue behind, but we bring that same curiosity and creativity with us as we travel around the equator.

Character. Cultivation. Community.

Today, we are driven by the pursuit of quality and a spirit of discovery. In collaboration with our producers, we ensure meticulous attention to farming, harvesting, and roasting techniques to produce consistently beautiful coffees, often in rare and limited batches. We’ve worked hard to build lasting relationships with our growers and their communities so we can be sure our partnerships are both ethical and (literally) fruitful. We’re proud of our commitment to sustainable, traceable practices and time-tested roasting techniques as a means to deliver phenomenal coffee.

We hope as you take that first sip, you'll pause for just a breath and savor the moment — and the path to this cup.

We hope you'll make it part of your path too.

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