Augusta Caldarone

October 1, 2018

The fascinating thing about our production in Colaya is that everything is done by hand, so there is considerably less wastewater (typically, water waste is one of the biggest challenges in coffee production). In this photo, I was sitting with the team in Colaya (all Quechua natives, a detail I’ll get back to in a minute*) at their washing station, where all the coffee goes after it is picked. The coffee cherries are de-pulped and fermented for 18 hours before being spread out on the back granite to dry.

Peru isn’t like other coffee producing regions that we have in that all of the people are native Quechua. It’s not an organization or company that runs the farm — it’s the families. On this one, Augusta Caldarone grows her own coffee, picks her own coffee, washes her own coffee, ferments her own coffee, and dries her own coffee. Pretty insane, and they are (rightfully!) super proud of it. Augusta produces just 30 (70 kg) bags of coffee a year all on her own. We buy 100% of it. Look out for two blends from Augusta coming soon!