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Afficionado Coffee Roasters

La Reserva


Flavor Profile: Floral, Milk Chocolate, Stone Fruit

Origin: Ciudad Bolívar, Antioquia

Process: Fully washed, dried in mechanical vertical dryer

Elevation: 1,800-2,100 meters

Varietal: Caturra

Recommended Brew Method: V60



    La Reserva


    Our special project with our partners at La Reserva was to isolate the caturra beans from the variety of other types of coffee grown on the farm. This distinct single origin coffee has a bright yet balanced acidity with a full body and sweet chocolatey overtones. 

    La Reserva is part coffee farm, part nature reserve. 

    It is a refuge for thousands of species, including the endangered Andean Bear, the only surviving species of bear native to South America. La Reserva is ideal land for coffee growth, with nutrient-rich soil and high altitude. The fresh air, beautiful views, amazing wildlife, and endless mountain scenery make it a true paradise.