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Afficionado Coffee Roasters

Blossom - 4 Pack


Flavor Profile: Honeysuckle, Star Jasmine, Elderflower

Origin: Caranavi, Bolivia

Process: Canopy-dried, steeped

Elevation: 1,650-1,800 Meters

Varietal: Geisha

Blossom - 4 Pack


Our Blossom herbal beverage has its roots in our collaboration in Bolivia. Young coffee plants take years to mature to the point where they can produce coffee efficiently. During this period, any fruit that grows on the plant draws essential nutrients and energy away from the stalk, negatively impacting the efficiency of the plant down the line. By removing the flowers before fruiting, the farmers are able to ensure that all energy is devoted to the strengthening of the plant.

The coffee flowers themselves have a sweet, delicate floral flavor, reminiscent of honeysuckle: perfect for Blossom. We blend the coffee flowers with white tea, jasmine, and elderflower to create a subtly delicious herbal beverage that we offer in a can, bag-in-box, or keg. We procure the coffee flowers directly from our partners in Bolivia and produce Blossom from start to finish in our New Jersey roastery. By utilizing parts of the coffee plant that are typically overlooked, we are able to bolster revenue streams for our partners in Bolivia. The end result is a refreshingly light beverage that pays homage to the farmers and the land they call home.