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Afficionado Coffee Roasters

Cristian Fabian Zuñiga


Flavor Profile: Sweet, Floral, Red Berry

Origin: Cauca, Colombia

Process: Washed, dried in mechanical dryer

Elevation: 1,870 Meters

Varietal: Castillo-Colombia

Recommended Brew Method: Chemex Pour Over


    Cristian Fabian Zuñiga


    Cristian Fabian Zuñiga was born in Bolívar, Cauca in Colombia. He is an administrator of agricultural companies. Cristian acquired his farm in 2011, the same year his first son, Luis Alejandro, was born. Villa Alejandra was the name given to his farm, a pleasant family space where Cristian dreams of the exciting world of coffee.

    Cristian Fabian Zúñiga was the winner of the 2018 Master of Coffee contest in Korea. This exceptional micro-lot is a one of a kind offering from one of Colombia's most renowned specialty producers.