our team

Adam Bossie

Adam is the Co-Founder and CEO of Afficionado Coffee Roasters. With a background in finance, Adam oversees the daily operations of Afficionado and acts as the company's lead visionary. He founded Afficionado Coffee Roasters in 2008 with a homemade roaster, selling at local farmers markets. Since then he has nurtured the company through the chaotic industry landscape, never compromising his initial principles and bootstrap approach. When he’s not traveling the world visiting the farms, Adam loves sailing, snowboarding, cooking, gardening and flying small airplanes. His ideal coffee is the Guatemala Asdelflor, at sunrise, through a v60 pour over.

Paul Merces

Paul Merces is a co-founder of Afficionado Coffee Roasters and now oversees all warehouse operations. Born and raised in Holmdel, NJ, in 2007 he decided to leave the family business to pursue a life in coffee, and now oversees all warehouse operations. In his free time he enjoys running, boating, mountain biking, and spending quality time with family and friends. His go-to coffee is the Dolce Blend with milk (Chemex pourover) during the colder months and 12-hour Cold Brew for the summer.

John Michael Beam

John Michael Beam started with Afficionado back in 2010 as a field associate, cultivating a network throughout New York and New Jersey. Today, John Michael is Director of Client Services, and now he oversees all market segments including hotels, corporate offices, and restaurants across the eastern seaboard. He enjoys spontaneous travel and anything outdoors - especially mountain biking, boating, and snowboarding. John Michael rotates through the Afficionado coffee portfolio, but always prefers a pour over.

Peter Turso

Peter Turso is a James Beard-recognized chef with a diverse background spanning fine dining, hotel and resort production, as well as recipe development for corporate entities. A graduate of the Culinary Institute of America, Chef Turso is inspired by the unexpected depth and infinite nuance that can be found in coffee. Leveraging his chef’s palate, he participates at every level of coffee production, from farming to harvesting to roasting by hand here in New Jersey. He hopes that his dedication proves itself in every sip, and that coffee enhances your journey, wherever life takes you. And bring a camera! Outside of work, Chef T enjoys being in nature: gardening, hiking, and snowboarding. He is an amateur photographer and pretty decent guitarist.

Kyle Wuethrich

Kyle has been working with Afficionado Roasters since 2013. He is the Michelangelo of latte art, but more importantly he’s spent time on most of our farms, getting to know producers, process, and origin stories for each coffee. He ensures product quality in the field through on-site trainings and equipment maintenance. He enjoys spending time outdoors with his family and takes his coffee black, drip, and in small servings throughout the day.

Tyler Navarro

Born and raised in Neptune, New Jersey, Tyler ensures Afficionado’s exceptional quality as a field support technician. When not maintaining coffee programs throughout the tri-state area, Tyler enjoys playing guitar and reading, especially philosophy. He prefers to drink espresso, straight up in its purest form.

Matt Viani

Raised in Holmdel, New Jersey Matt has had a lifelong interest in the beverage industry. As a Roaster / Brewers Assistant, Matt assists with all aspects of production and fulfillment. Matt is also an accomplished musician who plays with bands in Asbury Park. Recently his band traveled to Austin, Texas to play at South by Southwest. His favorite morning coffee is pour-over black.

Jessica Shahinian

Jessica started with Afficionado Coffee in February 2020. She plays a key role as Financial Administrator and Office Manager, working with everyone on the team to coordinate each day. In Jessica's free time she enjoys spending time with her family and significant other. She also enjoys joyriding in her collection of classic and modern cars, a pastime she shares with her father. Another life-long passion of Jessica’s is dancing; she has practiced ballet since the age of 3. Jessica loves visiting New York City, going to concerts, or enjoying life at the beach. To kickstart her busy days, Jessica drinks Indonesian coffee without milk or sugar. She prefers it for its complex earthy taste and bold flavor notes.

Joe Bailey

Born and raised in Indiana, Joe studied Visual Communications and Studio Art at Loyola University in Chicago. After stints as a touring bassist and a graphic designer in the jewelry industry, Joe joined Afficionado as Creative Director in December 2019. In his free time he likes to see live music, explore new neighborhoods, and play card games. He drinks cold brew all year round, and prefers Ethiopian Yirgacheffe in the colder winter months.

Judy Tixi

After working previously as a certified barista, Judy is now working on the technical and client support side of the industry. When she's not fixing espresso machines or taste-testing our latest coffees, Judy enjoys going to concerts, rollerskating, playing trumpet, or hiking outdoors. Her preferred coffee drink is an oat macchiato made with Ethiopian Hamma Collective coffee.

Orlando Arroyo

Orlando is the newest member of Afficionado. After years of experience in the hospitality industry in NYC, Orlando found his passion in coffee, from farm to cup. He now works on the technical side for Afficionado, fixing and dialing in coffee equipment so our clients are set up to pour the best coffee drinks. Orlando's personal favorite cup of coffee is Peru- Punku Rumi brewed in a V60, black.

Patrick Browne

Born and raised in New Providence, New Jersey, Patrick studied technical communications at Arizona State University and currently resides in Scotch Plains. After working in cafe management for over a decade, Patrick joined Afficionado as a member of the wholesale technical support team. In his free time, Patrick enjoys outdoor activities such as hiking, biking, and fishing. He is also an avid runner. Patrick prefers drinking cold beverages all year round - especially Afficionado Magical Cold Brew.