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Afficionado Coffee Roasters

Bonielle Lopez



Flavor Profile: Toffee, peanut, earthy

Origin: Dipilito, Nueva Segovia

Process: Washed, dried on patios

Elevation: 1,335 Meters

Varietal: Caturra

Recommended Brew Method: Hario V60


    Bonielle Lopez


    Bonielle Lopez carries coffee in her blood, an inheritance she has from her family. Her mother has worked with smaller producers for many years. Bonielle began her own ventures into coffee growing, starting on her small farm, La Huicoya. With dedication and hard work, Bonnielle has produced a fantastic caturra coffee that is in sync with the local ecosystem. La Huicoya Farm is a model for recovery in the local region of Dipilito. Trees provide adequate shade for the coffee plants, part of the reforestation of the habitat. Since the acquisition of the farm, Bonnielle has planted more than 500 trees. Organic, sustainable practices are a priority for this budding coffee producer.

    Coffee blending is a lost art. Typically, low quality coffees are blended with smaller amounts of higher grade coffees to increase production levels. Our blends seek to redefine this idea by combining synergistic, quality coffees from around the world.