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Redefining Sustainability

Afficionado Coffee Roasters was born out of a desire to disrupt the coffee industry status quo. Our company is built on the lasting relationships with our farmers at origin and a belief that trust and superior quality go hand in hand. Equipped with a bootstrap mentality, we travel to remote corners of the world searching for a deeper meaning in every cup. Through years of partnerships with communities across the world, we’ve committed to providing our farmers with the tools they need to thrive. To us, that translates to increased revenue streams, a low-waste infrastructure and a definition of sustainability that’s based on opportunities for a better tomorrow. Our final products are a celebration of the rugged beauty of the land and the people who call it home.

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New Arrivals: Ready to Drink Cans!

At Afficionado, we've never been interested in what's trending. We started this journey over a decade ago, focused on charting our own course and creating something special along the way. We've poured our hearts into our new canned lineup - three uniquely delicious, ready-to-drink beverages that we're deeply proud of: Magical Cold Brew, Cascara, and Blossom.