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The black sheep of the coffee industry

Founded in 2008 by two friends with a passion for coffee, Afficionado has grown into a leading wholesale and consumer brand - built on the lasting relationships with farmers and their communities around the world.

Equipped with an uncompromising boot-strap mentality, Afficionado’s small but mighty team travels to remote regions of the coffee-producing world in search of a deeper meaning in every cup. Through years of partnerships with the same communities at origin, Afficionado has committed to providing farmers with the tools and innovation they need to thrive.

At home in the roastery, a culinary approach is applied to the roasting process, done entirely by hand on a vintage 1955 Gothot roaster. The final products celebrate the rugged beauty of the land and the people who call it home.

We committed to direct trading in 2012, and since then have worked exclusively with 13 farms.

Supporting the people of the farming communities is as important to us as producing good coffee. Our long-term relationships enable us to partner in more ways than one.

• We sponsored the construction of a new schoolhouse in Yanahuanca.
• We helped build a women’s center for adult education

• We purchased tools and alpaca for the local farming community
• We have new irrigation infrastructure planned for our continued partnership

• We helped farmers create new revenue streams through the harvest of coffee by-products like coffee blossoms and cascara

• We work with local authorities to distribute nutritional formula to infants and children in need

• We built the first school house with computers in Marcala
• We purchased new shoes for all of the children attending the school in Marcala (estimated 65 each year).

our values:

Cultivation. Innovation. Purpose.

We are a team of passionate individuals who seek to continuously evolve the coffee experience at every level - from farm to cup. We strive to create the world's most knowledgeable & sustainable specialty coffee ecosystem.

We forego the easy path, opting for the road less travelled. Our methods are unconventional, a quality reflected in our exceptional products and service. We frequently defer gratification in the moment, knowing that excellence is not achieved overnight.

Looking forward:

As our journey continues, we want to thank you for helping make it all possible. Your support allows us to travel the world in search of coffee, friendship, and purpose.

As we continue to work with the same farms, year after year, we are able to guarantee mutual growth and a sustainable future for the farmers and their communities.

We hope you’ll join us on our journey.