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Afficionado Coffee Roasters



Flavor Profile: Peanut, Caramel, Citrus Jam

Origin: Brazil, Ethiopia, Colombia

Process: Washed

Varietal: Heirloom, Catrurra, Yellow Bourbon

Recommended Brew Method: French Press




    Blending coffees is a purpose driven way for us to create a signature flavor profile, while maintaining control over consistency. Body and acidity are always in competition within a coffee flavor profile. We can “stack” a heavy bodied coffee with a lighter and more acidic coffee for a synergistic effect. The end result is a signature Afficionado coffee that maintains a consistent flavor profile, year after year.

    Coffee blending is a lost art. Typically, low quality coffees are blended with smaller amounts of higher grade coffees to increase production levels. Our blends seek to redefine this idea by combining synergistic, quality coffees from around the world.