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Afficionado Coffee Roasters

Dangora Cooperative



Flavor Profile: Malty, Citrus, Milk Chocolate

Origin: Sidamo, Ethiopia

Process: natural, sun-dried on African beds 

Elevation: 1,800-1,900 Meters

Varietal: Heirloom

Recommended Brew Method: V60


    Dangora Cooperative


    Dangora is the name of a coffee producing cooperitave located in the Jimma region of Ethiopia. Jimma is one of the largest coffee producing regions in Ethiopia, but the Dangora Cooperative is a relatively small outpost among the greater region. We partnered with the producer of our Hamma Collective coffee, Mahabub Awel, to secure this natural processed lot. We love this coffee for its versatility- it covers a large range of flavor preferences and is a favorite among our restaurant partners.

    We follow the same direct trade accountability with our decaffeination process as we do when sourcing our caffeinated coffees. After the harvest in Ethiopia, we ship the coffee directly to a decaffeination facility in Germany. This enables us to curate an exceptionally fresh decaffeinated coffee with the consistency of a regular roast. We saw an opportunity to enhance the experience of decaf coffee drinkers by providing a full-bodied, complex roast that is indistinguishable from its caffeinated counterparts.