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afficionado coffee

Ginger Pergamino - 4 Pack


Flavor Profile: Ginger, Lime, Honey

Origin: Caranavi, Bolivia

Process: Honey-processed and dehydrated on concrete patios

Elevation: 1,650-1,800 Meters

Varietal: Geisha

Nutrition Facts

Ginger Pergamino - 4 Pack


Our Candied Ginger Pergamino beverage utilizes the parchment, or pergamino, the coffee bean’s natural shell encasing (similar to that of a pistachio). While this material is full of vitamins, it takes far too long to break down to be used as a fertilizer. Like the other ingredients we use in our ready to drink line, the pergamino begins its journey in Bolivia.

Larger farms often burn coffee husk to fuel commercial dehydrators, but in Bolivia, a natural (honey) drying process is preferred. The husks are left with residual bits of dried fruit and pulp instead of being fully washed before processing. When dried in this manner, the husks and coffee beans gain additional body and sugar content. Sugars from the pulp break down in the hot sun, importing a jammy characteristic to the pergamino. This translates to fruity undertones that pair perfectly with natural spicy ginger and lime.